I heard you have ciders on tap. Does that mean you are a bar?

No, we are NOT a bar.  We do have hard cider on tap for growler fills. We will allow you a small (1oz) taste to make sure you are happy with your selection.  After you taste a product, you may fill your growler and then take it off of the premises to consume it.

What is a growler?
It is just a 64 or 32 oz vessel used to house draft beer, cider and sometimes kombucha.  Often they are made of glass, but you can get fancy ones that are metal or ceramic too.

What happens if I don't have my own growler and I would like to purchase some draft hard cider?

We offer plain, brown glass 64 oz growlers for sale at our shop currently.

Can I bring a growler with a company's name or brand on it for a fill at Boutique Wines and Spirits?

Yup, as long as it has a cap, is 32 oz or 64 oz, we will clean and fill it for you.

How long will a growler of cider last in my refrigerator in the growler? 

Unopened - several weeks to months.  For the most part, as long as you aren't shaking your hard cider, and it is in a refrigerated, dark space, it stays pretty well.

If it is open, and the more fluid that is absent from the container, the faster you will lose the effervescence of the cider.  Again, try not to shake it up and keep it in a cool, dark refrigerator.

Do you sell liquor?

Yes.  We sell vodka, gin, whisk(e)ys (including Irish, bourbon, Scotch, etc.), tequila, r(h)um, cordials, and other items like brandy.  In addition, we also sell some pre-mixed cocktails.  We have a selection of products in the nip/airplane bottle size all the way up to 1.75 liter size.

Why don't you carry Barefoot or Yellow Tail wine?

We try to carry a variety of smaller producing, boutique brands.  Since those brands are quite common, you can get them at almost every other store in our area.  We look for products that are not in all of our neighboring stores to offer a little different selection to our customer base.

Why do you close at 7pm?  That's so early!

The county of Dutchess (which is where we are located) mandates that all liquor stores in the county close at 7pm Monday - Saturday.  We are simply abiding the law.

Sundays we close at 6pm by choice.  We have found we don't get very much business beyond that hour on Sundays.

We open at 10am on Monday through Saturdays.  We open at 12pm on Sundays as per NYS law.