We have a carefully curated selection of wines ranging from local to international options.  We taste almost every wine we sell so that we understand the flavor in the bottle and are able to describe it to you.

We have all of the famous red, white and rosé grape and grape blends as well as a few that are unusual.  We look for smaller brands that are good examples of each variety we carry.  Come in and check out our selection.

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Come in and check out our ever expanding section of spirits.  From gluten-free vodka options to local bourbons, we have selections that can suit any palate.

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Boutique Wines and Spirits is one of the few liquor stores in New York state with hard cider on tap for growler fills.  Bring your own 32 or 64 oz growler or purchase a 64 oz from our store.  Try our cider before you purchase it – we want you to be happy when you get home!  We carry a selection of local products as well as other hard ciders on tap as over 3 dozen different types available in bottle.

Check out ciders from France, England, Italy and Spain or explore a few types of Perry.  We have rosé style cider, fruit infused ciders, mead cider, ginger cider and so much more.  If you want to learn more about the space, or are looking for a huge selection, we are the place to shop for hard cider.

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We welcome anyone from the novice to the experienced wine drinker.

We simply love to talk about wine, flavors and food pairings.  We love to hear what people are mixing these days and how they are doing it. We adore hearing which types of ciders people have tried and what they like, or introducing them to the space.

No question about our products is considered stupid in our store.  We all had a first experience at one point in our life! So feel free to ask away!  We will work hard to get you an answer to a mixing question, an inquiry about a wine or even to answer your concerns about cider.


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