Curious about Mead?

Mead is a delicious category of adult beverage derived from fermenting honey (with water), which differs from wine and cider, which are both made from fermented fruit. Enjoyed by Vikings, Mayans, Egyptians, Romans, and considered to be "nectar of the Gods" by the Greeks, mead is a diverse category that can be sweet, dry or sparkling!

Our section of more than 40 different styles of mead at Boutique Wines, Spirits and Cider has examples of the different types from producers around the world including:

  • Mysto (NY)
  • Slate Point Meadery (NY)
  • Palaia Winery & Meadery (NY)
  • Beacon Meadery (NY)
  • Enlightenment (NY)
  • Carroll's Mead (NY)
  • Helderburg Meadworks (NY)
  • Earl Estates Meadery (NY)
  • SAP House Meadery (NH)
  • New Day Craft Mead & Cider (IN)
  • Meridian Hive (TX)
  • Crafted Artisan Meadery (OH)
  • St. Ambrose Cellars (MI)
  • B. Nektar Meadery (MI)
  • Superstition Meadery (AZ)
  • Apimed Mead (Slovakia)
  • Ferme Apicole Desrochers (Canada)

We also carry cider/mead crossovers, known as Cyser. This is a great introduction to the mead space as it has a familiar rich, apple flavor and tends to be sparkling. Our Cysers include examples from Kite & String (NY), Forthright (NY) and East Hollow (NY).

We are currently expanding our curated selection of mead. Stop by if you want to know more or are a connoisseur! We would love to know what styles you would like to see for purchase!