The staff here is very friendly and knowledgeable. They will also give recommendations based on what you like. There is a wide variety of wines and ciders in stock. This is not your typical wine and spirits store, you can find a tap with a variety of ciders. I highly recommend you stopping in for a visit. You might just find something new.

Jessica F

Cozy and friendly. Can't wait for the next tasting. Great place!

Kevin Roth

The staff is very knowledgeable about wine. They were extremely helpful and pleasant. I was lucky to be there for a cider tasting. I can't wait for my next visit there!

Mo Cowan

This was unexpectedly great. Many cider tastings and loads of great ciders! Well recommended by chris of treasury cider (best cider ive had).

Darren Alexander

Really cool little shop. The staff are really friendly and very knowledgeable. Signed up for a cider tasting which was excellent.

Sam Pope

If you want knowledgeable help and fun, you must visit Boutique Wines.. No place like it!

Cherie Elliott

The staff at Boutique Wines, Spirits and Cider approach customer service the way it should be. Every question was answered. Every opportunity to try a product was met with care, kindness and valuable information. Many smiles, lots of laughs and welcoming energy. Kudos, you all replaced "booze" with "yeahs."

James Gantt

We went in expecting a typical liquor store. The owner was informative, providing tastings and explanations for a variety of items, much like what you would expect visiting a winery. We had a nice time and left with some great treats. This will probably be a date destination for us next time

Kalah Matthews

Good selection of scotch and bourbon

Frank R.

These folks are great. Made a purchase and then Locked my keys in my car. Went back in the store and they assisted me to find a locksmith. Great bunch of folks.

Larry J.

The tasting was great thanks again

David A.

I don't leave many reviews and won't go into details but the extra steps this place took to accommodate me while on my visit to this town has made me a longtime fan and customer. Looking forward to the next trip in. Do yourself a favor and give this store your business. You won't be sorry you did.

John B.

Great selection of special liquors, wines and ciders! Always willing to educate you without it seeming pompous.

Adrienne Z.

Amazing cider selection and a solid selection of craft products in general. Super welcoming and helpful staff that have a good knowledge base of the products they have. My go to spot for cider!

Catherine O.

Owner was friendly, knowledgeable, and exceptionaly helpful. Beautiful, clean store, with an exceptional selection.

Jason K.

The staff here is so friendly and helpful, it never fails to amaze me. The selection is plentiful and reasonably priced. I've been there several times, and have not been disappointed yet.

Bryan G.

Such a wonderful establishment! Lovely and helpful sister, brother, and husband that will help you find exactly what you are looking for! Had a great time at the cider festival with a wonderful selection.

Lauren K.

Boutique Wine and Spirits is more than liquor store it is truly an experience. I am from NYC and have attended several events at this boutique and I am typically a whiskey and bourbon drinker but this shop has opened up my view on ciders and wines. At their specialty events I have had the luxury of tasting dozens of wines and ciders which have been a refreshing experience opposed to a majority of what I find on the market today. Their whiskies are not what you typically see in stores either, but from what I have tasted of there's which is probably a majority of their shelves lol I have been introduced to new items that are currently in my liquor cabinet. I have met two of the owners and they have made me feel like I am a home when I am in their shop. This place is a MUST GO TO if you do not only want to buy wine, ciders, and spirits but have an enjoyable time!

Andrew B.

We worked with Paige and her staff to plan and deliver the wine and alcohol for our wedding in Beacon and they were fantastic. We decided to go with them after a thoughtful and fun tasting, where we agreed on the wines and booze we would serve. Paige was really thoughtful and smart finding us unique, budget conscious options that worked for us. They ordered a special wine for us, gave us a discount on cases, and accepted returns, which were all great. It was a level of service above and beyond what we could have expected from other vendors.

Brian F.

Owner was fantastic, and super helpful in working with me to select some local spirits. Prices were really reasonable too! I'll be sure to come back here next time I'm in the area.

Tom N.

With a wide selection and a knowledgeable staff at Boutique Wines, Spirits & Cider you will be able to find that perfect bottle or growler. Paige and Gennaro are a dynamic team who not only provide a product, they provide an experience. Between the tasting events and the one on one customer service it's hard not to adopt their enthusiasm for wine and cider.

Tanya F.

I've been crossing the river to purchase my alcohol needs from this business. Unique items and a knowledgeable staff make it worth the $1.50 toll when I need something to impress people at a party. If you're looking for the normal, go anywhere.....if you want to open your mind to something different, come here.

c c

This is more than a wine and liquor shop.. it's an experience. The atmosphere is wonderful, the staff is extremely knowledgeable, and they carry a vast variety of stock. I visited for one of their cider tasting events recently and had a wonderful time. Even if you are traveling from the city it is worth the drive.

Alanna U.

Truly one of the best service a customer can receive! Gennaro knows his spirits!!!! Not only he expanded my world of scotch whiskey, but the world of red wine (primarily Malbecs) and cider.

I started going with them for an exclusive Sake that is very hard to get with a reasonable price. Not only he made sure he had it on stock when ever I need it, but his prices beat many other places.

He also introduced me to Glengarry, officially one of my favorite scotch!

Adam M.

I attended a wine tasting here a few months ago which was amazing!! There were ten different stations with at least three bottles of wine each to try. All the representatives at each table were helpful to what corresponds with my particular palate. I did discover a vary interesting new bottle called Slow & Low which is a rye whiskey Old Fashioned in a bottle and comes in a 100ML can or 750ML bottle. Thanks to this store I found my new unique whiskey.

Genevieve H.

What a great shop! The staff were super friendly, knowledgeable and really took the time to figure out what I might like. I walked in looking for one bottle to take to dinner at friends and walked out with a case of excellent (and affordable) wines! Bonus points for having several wines open for tasting. The owner is as knowledgeable as any sommelier at a snooty restaurant - and a lot less intimidating. I highly recommend this place - it's a hidden gem!

Jill S.

This place is the best! The people who work here are true experts on everything they sell. Great if you're looking for something new or even locally made. They also host tasting events often, their cider tasting event last month was fun and informative!!! Never tried so many different types of hard cider in my life!

Angela E.

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